इंग्रजी माध्यम सुविधा

Jay Ganesh English Medium School, Malvan

Facilities :

1. Computer Lab –

There are 24 Computers available in Computer Lab with 4 UPS. Geogebra software is related to geometry which is useful for std 10th. ICT Practical tests as well as other computer practical test are conducted in the lab. Most prominently the Aptitude Test of S.S.C. is also held in the same lab. Due to the lab, the students get the opportunity to operate the software like Notepad, WordPad, Excel and PowerPoint individually. All in all, the students grasp the basic skills of computer.

2. Science Laboratory –

The school’s well equipped science lab is dedicated to Smt. Vasanti Gangadhar Gadgil. The lab is prominently used by the students of std. VII to X to conduct various science experiments. Different projects are also carried out by the students in the same lab. The students present their projects in the lab on occasion of Science Day during Science Exhibition.

3. Smt. Sulochana Shripad Patil Memorial Hall –

Smt. Sulochana Shripad Patil Memorial Hall is the focal centre of the school performing the role as a multi-purpose and meditation hall. As a part of routine practice, it is used to conduct morning assembly, Karate activity as well as Badminton training very often it is used for arranging cultural events and its rehearsals, educational programmes such as seminars, workshops, significant lectures, exhibitions, Kabaddi practice during rainy days and Drawing competition.

Smt. Sitabai Shripad Ghurye Pre-Primary English Medium School, Malvan

 Facilities available for the students

  1. T.V., CD player with speaker
  2. Toys
  • Bhatukali
  • Folding Set (Bus, Aeroplane, Fort)
  • Doll House
  • Triangle set
  • Circle set
  • Wooden Blocks
  1. Swing
  2. See-Saw